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Advancing Trail Smarts

Supporting trails is not just about the much-needed trail maintenance and additional investment. It’s also about hiker awareness, transportation access, trip-reported conditions and so much more. We need targeted education to improve on-trail experiences and help hikers discover brand-new adventures.

Supporting trails is not just about the much-needed trail maintenance and additional investment. It’s also about hiker awareness, transportation and road access, trip-reported conditions and so much more. Fun fact: our trip reports aren't just a useful tool for planning your next hike; they are critical to land managers as they make decisions and plan for the future needs of hikers.

All of this requires targeted education to improve your on-trail experiences and help you lessen your impact on the places you love. If you haven’t seen our Trail Smarts video series, now's a great time to check it out. These tools provide quick refreshers on some of the most important hiking best practices.


Masks, Trash & Parking: 3 Easy Ways to Lead by Example on Every Hike

Aug 22, 2020

Every time you lace up your hiking shoes and head out on trail, it's an opportunity to help keep the outdoors a refuge during tough times. Here are some easy ways to lead by example, keep it positive and create the outdoor community of your dreams.

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Q&A: Camping Responsibly Outside Campgrounds During a Pandemic

Aug 21, 2020

How to find a great campsite for some physically distanced camping — while staying safe and protecting the landscape.

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Hiker Headlines: Hiking Helps the Economy, Fire Safety, Hunting Season, Meteors

Aug 13, 2020

It's Aug. 13. A new report show how much outdoor recreation boosts the state's economy. We have a few safety reminders for you this week about fire season and hunting season. It's a great week to go look for shooting stars. And a few Seattle parks need new names and you can help. Here's some news you might have missed while out on trail this week.

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Hiker Headlines: Input For Trails, Fire Season, GAOA Signed Into Law

Aug 05, 2020

It’s August 6. With the celebration of Washington Trails Day and the Great American Outdoors Act being signed into law, trails have been in the spotlight this week. Land managers across the state are looking for community input on a variety of proposed projects. And it’s the season of fires and road construction, so check conditions and plan ahead to avoid inconvenient delays.

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How to Use Trekking Poles

If you already use trekking poles, you probably understand why they can be so helpful for hikers of all interests and abilities. If you haven’t ever tried them, they’re well worth considering. We talked to Brandon Winchell, a hiker and doctor of physical therapy in Edmonds, for some information on the value of trekking poles — and some advice on how to use them properly.

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How to Find Your Balance on Trail

With practice, you can improve your stability on trail — making for safer and more comfortable hiking

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