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Trip Report

Lake Serene — Sunday, Mar. 8, 2015

Central Cascades

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WTA Member


Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free
After misadventure on the icy road to Mt. Sawyer, we changed course and headed to Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls, which never disappoint. I guess I've never been there on a weekend; it's a hiker superhighway on a sunny March Sunday! We saw lots of parties. We were pretty constantly on the heels of eachother, and passed an endless stream of folks on their way back down. Can't begrudge anyone wanting to get out on a day like this, though! The trail and the area around the lake is completely snow-free. The only remaining snow is on the far side in the shade and I think that snow is left over from last winter (it's there in my photos from September, too.) The lake has only the thinnest layer of ice on the far side. This is quite a contrast to my photos from last May, when the lake was thickly frozen and snow-covered, and avalances ripped down the sides of Mt. Index. Right now there is only a dusting of snow high on Index. Bridal Veil Falls looks like it usually looks in September rather than winter/spring; it's just a few gentle sprays. Despite the breeze, we didn't even get a little bit damp standing at the base of the falls. It's definitely not giving us its usual springtime show. It is still quite beautiful, though, and for a change, you could have your lunch there without getting wet if you wanted. With this dry weather, the trail is quite nice. A tad wet and muddy in places, but mostly dry. The one appaling thing is that the outhouses were locked, and many, many people have tromped into the woods behind them and left a stinky pile of poo and toilet paper. It's vile. I wish people would bury their waste and pack out their TP. And the Forest Service really should consider opening the outhouses, as hiking season is clearly upon us early this year. There was a lot of litter on the trail, too (mostly toilet paper.) I really, really can't understand how people who love the outdoors enough to haul themselves into the woods think it's ok to leave garbage in them. Aside from the human waste problem, this was, as always, a lovely hike!