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Seaquest State Park - Silver Lake

South Cascades

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Hiked Aug 6, 2011

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Day hike
Positioning ourselves for a visit to Mount St. Helens National Monument on Sunday, we chose Seaquest State Park for our base camp. From our campsite we headed out with four kids in tow. The Experience (of hiking with a toddler) If you've read my report from Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge ( you'll know that our first hike of the day ended with tears from the smallest member of our family, who desperately wanted to lead the way, but her brother and cousin didn't want her to. Four hours and no nap later, things had only intensified. "I want to lead!" cries 2 1/2 year old Aliza. Running as fast a she can, there is no way that she will be able to pass the big kids, who walk just fast enough to keep ahead of her and foil her plans. Splat. Down she goes! Finally, my husband returns to the campground with a very frustrated, tired little girl. I continue on with the rest, thinking that this family may just have to forgo hiking for a few month until she gets this leader thing out of her head and wondering how this will effect tomorrow and the rest of Hike-a-Thon. The Hike So you want to know about the hike? We did the Silver Lake Barrier Free loop trail that leaves from the visitor center. It's about a mile long, with a boardwalk that weaves out into wetlands or shoreline of Silver Lake. I couldn't tell which, because I never did see what I would call a lake. If it is a lake, it is pretty choked with lily pads in various stages of bloom. Pretty, and probably even more so if you could see Mount St. Helens, which is presumably visible along this trail. All in all, it was a very easy, pleasant stroll. There were few other people on the trail - and only a couple of cars in the parking lot on this Saturday afternoon in August. My observation is that the Discover Pass may be scaring away day users.