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Over West face of the Cascades

Marmot Pass View

View from Marmot Pass while backpacking in the Buckhorn Wilderness

Colchuck Lake

Lovely hike, LOTS of people. Visited Colechuck to get a visual of Assgard Pass. Enjoyed a challenging day hike , loved the lake and was a bit intimated by the look of the Pass this time of year. It will be quite the challenge come July 9th when my little group of three hikers will attempt the steep slopes of this Pass. Clearly at this time of year there is still plenty of snow there. Encountered a large mountain goat and a not so large mountain goat at about 30 feet. That was a first! They were well behaved when left alone.

Granite Mtn Sunrise

My friends and I like to summit at sunrise...This was our Granite Mtn Sunrise shot