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Nice View!

From the summit of Cedar Butte on a lovely day.

Myrtle Lake Selfie

This was a hard hike, multiple blowdowns, creek crossings, and deep mud, But we made it to the lake and enjoyed lunch with a hot cup of cocoa... Irished up of course!

Peggy's Pond

Had Peggy's Pond all to ourselves. One of my favorites!

Mount Si

First hike ever! What a beautiful, challenging, and rewarding hike!

Mason Lake

I heard about this amazing place from a coworker. So my buddy, his dog and I decided to give this hike a try ! Turned out to be an amazing trip. Highly recommended !

Glacier Peak

First sight of Glacier Peak on the Spider Gap Buck Creek Loop


Steamboat Rock State Park

Little Falls in the Sunlight

I don't know if this falls has a name. It was on the way to Lake Serene (not Bridal Veil Falls) about half way up.