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Misty morning

Boulder Garden Loop afforded us this quiet moment in the forest.

Aerial Backside of Mount Si

Recently had the chance to fly up and around the Cascades a bit and see some favorite hikes from different angles.

Gold Creek Pond Snowshoe

A beautiful snowshoe hike in the Mt Baker National Forest at the Gold Creek Pond. The weather was 31 degrees and some light snow was falling. We couldn't have picked a better day to go!

Snow Lake inlet stream

The inlet stream that feeds Snow Lake was frozen over. But the lake was lapping at the ice at the mouth of the stream causing this smooth, scalloped formation.

Rampart Ridge

Gorgeous views of Rampart Ridge from our snowshoeing trip on Gold Creek Trail today

Gold Creek

Ate lunch to this great view of Gold Creek today on our snow shoe trip.


Who says Seattle isn't sunny?

Bordeaux, WA

This is definitely a place I'll love coming back to hike around!