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Spring Hikes

Spring is that time of year when trails are yawning awake, snow is melting and flowers are blooming from recently thawed meadows. Hikers too are emerging in greater numbers and exploring those places that were out of reach in the winter and eagerly visiting the ephemeral displays of wildflowers that peak during this season. Spring is a dynamic time of year, and we've put together these guides to highlight some of the best offerings out there. 

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Spring Hiking Tips

Tips for hiking in Washington during the spring. How to be prepared for all conditions. How to choose your destinations. What hazards to be wary of. And a reminder about the fun of it all!

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Hiking Coulee Country: Big Skies, Early Spring

In spring, Central Washington's dramatic shrub steppe, broken up by pothole lakes and soaring basalt cliffs, offers hikers a warm, bright landscape to stretch their legs. You've probably heard of the iconic coulee hike - Ancient Lakes. But did you know Washington has loads of other trails in the same sort of scenery? Find your next favorite one on this list, or use our Hike Finder Map.

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WTA Staff Favorites: 17 Trails to Try Running This Spring and Summer

Whether you're looking for a new training run or just want a good spot to try out the sport of trail running this season, consider stretching your legs on these trails suggested by experienced trail runner and WTA Board Member, Wendy Wheeler Jacobs.

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Spring Hikes in the Gorge (that Aren't Dog Mountain)

Between the Eagle Creek Fire closures and Dog Mountain permits, where are you supposed to go hiking in the Gorge this spring? We've got some ideas.

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State Park Hikes

Explore Washington state parks in spring. Buy your Discover Pass, hop in your car (or a rental if you don't own one) and head out to visit some of Washington's more than 100 state parks.

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Waterfall Field Guide: 12 Hikes to 4 Types of Falls

Waterfalls are mesmerizing to watch. And if you have a naturalist interest, it's also fun to carefully observer waterfalls to determine how they should be classified. The way the water falls over the rocks, the shape and the size are all different categories in the niche world of waterfall classification. We’ve put together a guide to four different types of waterfalls and where you can find them in Washington.

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9 Approaches to Adventure for May and June

Want to spend some, or all, of your Memorial Day weekend outside, hiking birding or giving back? Here are 9 ways to experience trails at the very start of summer.

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Long Loops, Routes and Traverses for Spring

How does one squeeze in big miles during the springtime? The key is to create longer loops and traverses that link up shorter trails and forest roads.

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Spring Hikes with Dogs

When spring fever hits, a hike with your pup can be the best cure. With fewer crowds and moderate temperatures less likely to overhead your buddy, the early season is a great time for hiking with dogs. Get started with one of WTA's suggestions for spring, or find your own using the resources below.

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16 Lighthouse Hikes You Can Enjoy All Year

Washington's coastline is home to many picturesque lighthouses that you can hike to — and sometimes even tour — at any time of the year.

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Dune Hikes: Beaches, Grasslands, Birds and Yurts

Washington sports some serious sand, from the White Bluffs in Central Washington to some wonderful beach hikes. Get to know an entirely different side of your great state with one of these great dune hikes, paired with camping suggestions.

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Hike a Rail Trail

Created from former rail-lines, you can find rail trails in almost any part of Washington. Many of them are long distance, with multiple access points, allowing you to jump on and hike for as long as you like.

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