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Parent Perspectives

WTA gives good advice on how to nurture outdoorsy kids because we get tips from the experts—parents! Read tips from the pros.

WTA gives good advice on how to nurture outdoorsy kids because we get tips from the experts—parents! Below is advice from parents in our community, including some staffers. 

Include Your Kids on Outdoor Adventures

Apr 01, 2015

Outdoor enthusiast and photographer Gabe Grayum firmly believes in the importance of immersing kids in the wild, and the ability of young hikers to tag along on grown-up adventures. Read his advice on how to include them, and check out WTA's family hiking resources, including advice from some of our trip reporters extrordinaire on how to adventure with your young ones.

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Advice for Outdoor Families

Jan 28, 2015

Erin Kirkland, outdoor parent and editor of the new Outdoor Families Magazine, shares tips keeping kids warm and happy on trail.

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Cape Disappointment Is No Disappointment

Apr 27, 2014

Mid-winter break brings adventure and exploration on the southwest Washington coast to one family.

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Backpacking with Baby: 15 Days 'Round Rainier

Aug 20, 2013

One family spends 15 days and 14 nights on the Wonderland Trail -- with a 9-month-old baby. For families who are wondering if they should backpack with baby, WTA trip reporter MikeOnAHike answers four of the most common questions they get along the trail. Check them out, and get inspired by their adventure.

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Taking Kids Camping for the First Time

Jul 19, 2013

Get tips for camping with kids and ideas for kid-friendly hikes near Mount Rainier from Youth Programs Manager Krista Dooley as she shares her experience taking her nephew camping and hiking for the first time.

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Fun and Games on Trail: Getting Kids Outside in Fall

Oct 05, 2012

How do you keep kids active and engaged with the natural world during autumn? We put the same question to our Facebook community, and heard great ideas from educators, parents, and other people who hike with kids.

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