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Mary E. Theler Wetlands Nature Preserve

Olympic Peninsula

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Hiked Jan 3, 2009

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Day hike
Theler Wetlands & Kopachuck State Park 1-4-09 After reading about Theler wetlands on WTA website as a good lowland hike, I decided since weather was not raining to head out to Belfair area and check it out. Since it was fairly short around 2 miles total, I figured Annie and I would hit another state park on the way home. She is only 4 weeks after surgery and I needed to take it easy on her. As soon as we drove into Belfair the fog rolled in and the views were less than desirable, but we made the best out of it. Trail was about half gravel and half wooden boardwalks. They had buckets with gravel and cans to sprinkle on board walk if you wanted.. some ice and snow in spots. There is a learning center in the middle that looked really cool for kids. We saw 3 blue heron birds, ducks, and some robins, and sparrows. Heard a few gun shots, must be a range in the area. One really loud Boom scared the hell out of me, I think I even ducked.. but besides that all good. It was really cold today in the 30’s but felt colder, we stopped for hot chocolate and then on to Kopachuck state park. We got a bit lost on the last turn to Ray Nash Road it’s not marked. But we finally found it, this is a really great little park on the sound and I believe I read it’s on the list of 13 parks to be shut down possibly due to budget cuts, what a shame. We just checked out the beach a little and made our way back over the bridge. We could see a tiny bit of the Olympic mountains, on a clear day it would have been magical.