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Trip Report

Saint Edward State Park — Monday, Jan. 17, 2022

Puget Sound and Islands

Spent the morning wandering down to the lake. I believe we took the Perimeter Trail to the Grotto down the gully (narrow but doable) and the Seminary Trail (less steep roadbed trail) back up. The Grotto had some eroded spots but was okay. Would have appreciated poles for carrying the toddler. Probably about a mile or so round trip. One woman was using the road for some running hill repeats, so if you’re a runner might be worth checking out for training. 

Lots of families and folks out walking dogs (all leashed). Never too crowded on trails, although the parking lot looked a bit packed when we left. 

(Our toddler made it about a third of the way on each leg before needing a lift.)

Highlights: lots of sword and licorice ferns. Mossy trees. Sandy beach and nice lake views. 

The bathroom at the beach was in good shape, and there seemed to be an extra Portopot near the massive playground and bathrooms there (but didn’t use either).