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Trip Report

Paddy-Go-Easy Pass, Paddy-Go-North & Paddy-Go-South

Snoqualmie Region

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Hiked Jul 15, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Trees down across trail,
    Overgrown in places.


Road rough but passable


Bugs were an annoyance


Snow free

The road ford of Scatter Creek is pretty manageable right now.

This trail clearly has not been maintained in the past few years, which is unfortunate as it leads do such a beautiful place. The first 1.5 miles or so have countless blowdowns to have to climb over or go around (most looking like they have been there for a while), as well as several pretty brushy areas. There is one massive blowdown that requires having to drop below the trail to go around, or just cutting straight up the steep slope to the left until you intersect the trail above on the next switchback, which is what I did. After that the trail conditions improve and the views begin to open up.

At the pass we encountered a backpacking group who were heading into the French Creek valley on the other side. From the pass we hung a left and headed north on a path that led into an open area with red rocks ahead. You can start by staying to the right/east and go around some of the rocks but you will want to scramble up these lovely grippy rocks to gain the ridge above, and head north along the south ridge of the peak. There will be some small notches to pass through but stay high on the ridge until you reach the southern base of the main peak. Here you want to head to the left to traverse around the the west side of the peak until you reach a super solid red rock rib. Scramble up here on this fun and solid but somewhat exposed class 3 rock that leads to a on obvious narrow gully/chimney and ascend this. Once above that start angling up to the left to reach the summit ridge to the top! On the way down we went down a broader class 3 gully on the west face then returned tot he pass the way we came.

From the pass we followed the scenic trail SE to the spectacular basin of Sprite Lake, a small circular lake of clear blue waters wit The Cradle rising as a backdrop. Great place to relax, rest, and refill water. The water was not cold as all and this lake would be a prime place for a swim. From the lake we ascended south up the hill toward a saddle, sometimes following a boot path but mostly XC hiking. From the saddle we scrambled SE up excellent solid red rocks aiming for the high saddle on the ridge between the main peak and the cliffy rock tower peak on the right. There is a bit of looser scree/dirt to cross but not too bad at all. From the high saddle there was a bit more of class 3 scrambling to get up to the summit.

On the return I went down the way I came back toward the lake and followed the trail back to the pass. From the high saddle, my friend was able to find a scramble traverse that followed the ledges around the front/east side of the neighboring cliffy peak and was able to scramble the ridge north back to the pass. I regret not following her! Ended up being 6 hr 40 min round trip for north the north and south peaks.


Kari and Marty on Paddy-Go-Easy Pass, Paddy-Go-North, Paddy-Go-South

Wow! I just looked at the photos, when we were up there exactly one year ago today and the entire area north and west of Sprite lake was covered with snow and about a third of the lake was still frozen. What a difference! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by:

Kari and Marty on Jul 16, 2021 04:59 PM