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Trip Report

Carbon River to Ipsut Falls — Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2021

Mount Rainier Area

This was a delightful overnight with a good friend and her nearly 1-year-old. We did this trip last year when my friend was pregnant, and it was really fun to return.

The trail to camp is in great condition. We saw a lot of folks on bikes (bikes are allowed to the campground) especially on the way out.

After we set up camp, we went as far as the crossing over the Carbon River. The trail gets much thinner after the camp, as it's no longer on an old road bed. Most of it is in good condition, but there is one eroded area where the trail gets thin and is a bit exposed. We both made it across OK, including my friend with her baby. The path down to the bridge is a rather rocky, but OK if navigated slowly. We just crossed the first bridge, which is in, and admired the view of the mountain as the sun dropped lower in the sky. 

I love this corner of the park and I hope this trip becomes an annual tradition.