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Navaho Pass, Navaho Peak

Snoqualmie Region

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Hiked Jun 21, 2021

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Trail Conditions

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Intermittent snow - not hard to cross

Monday to Tuesday overnight to Navaho Pass. Road to the trailhead is in good shape; a few potholes to navigate on the last stretch, but if my 2008 Honda Civic could make it, I’m confident that most other vehicles could as well. There were maybe 10 other cars in the lot when I arrived around 9:45am. The trail begins across the street from the lot, closer to the bridge over Stafford Creek.

The trail itself is dry, for the most part (with the exception of some shallow creek crossings that are easily rock-hop-able), with no blowdowns to clamber over, and the grade to the pass is never very steep. Passed about 10 parties heading out. There is one signed juncture to keep an eye out for; stay to the right to head towards Navaho. There are a number of water sources along the way in case you need a refill, but note that there isn’t any water at the pass itself. Last chance to get water is near that moonscape-y section right before the pass. Once I got to the saddle, I turned eastward up towards Navaho Peak. I set up camp at a flat spot with a low rock wall less than a quarter mile from the pass. After dropping off my stuff, I headed for the summit. As others have mentioned, the trail is steep. Trekking poles are recommended, especially for the hike back down. There is a bit of snow to traverse right before reaching the summit, but it’s not anything you’d need extra traction for. It was quite windy up there, but the views were spectacular. Spent about an hour at the top by myself before heading back to camp. It was gusty at times that night, but I was still able to sleep soundly. 

Before breaking down camp the next morning, I rushed up to the summit once more to catch the sunrise. Totally worth it.