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Avid hiker, photographer, writer and videographer of Pudget Sound's Islands, Central, North Cascades and Olympic National Park. For many years a Volunteer Trail Correspondents for WTA. Most trails that I have hiked are on the west side of the Cascades of Washington State North of I-90 to the Canadian Border though I have hiked lots of trails in our three National Parks here. My favorite hike is "The Enchantments" above Leavenworth, Washington which I try to do once each year. My favorite area as is The Alpine Lakes Wilderness because of all the Alpine Lakes but Glacier Peak Wilderness really gets me away from the crowds and this is what all of us hikers need once in awhile. I have recently hiked to "The Seven Lakes Basin" along the High Divide Trail in Olympic National Park and I now believe "The Enchantments" have met their match. Both are a must on every hikers bucket list. I lost my favorite hiking partner "my wife" to 6 back surgeries so she now follows along with me from google earth with my GPS Spot Tracking Device and enjoys my videos and pictures I show her after my hikes. I only average about 40 hikes a year since I still work full time. Maybe some day when I retire I could do more or quit working when I win the Power Ball Lottery!! HAHAHA!! Hope you enjoy my trip reports, Vimeo Channel and my input into Washington Trails Magazine. For those that have been following my videos I have recently changed to a better website for my videos called VIMEO. I am fed up with youtube and refuse to use the site due to all the negativity and advertising. I will be changing over and re-linking my past videos on WTA to the new website so please be patient. All future new videos will be on Vimeo. My dashboard above has my Vimeo Channel Link. As always get out there and see this beautiful State of Washington and enjoy your hiking!! Take Care, Mike

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330 Trip Reports

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